A Few New Thoughts

I’m entering an incredibly exciting time of my career. I’m starting a postdoctoral fellowship—the purpose of which is to dig deep into my manuscript and produce a polished book for publication. But the possibilities go far beyond my stated assignment. Over the next couple of years, I’m going to meet new people and learn about their work, attend (hopefully) stimulating conferences, explore new ideas, and grapple with the process that is writing. I expect I’ll have a few words to say about those adventures and I’m looking forward to sharing them here.

At the very least, I’m approaching blog posts as an opportunity to share some of the ideas and arguments I development in my work. I’m also hoping you’ll allow me to use this space as a sounding board to muddle through trickier parts and think out loud about which direction I’m heading. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

2 thoughts on “A Few New Thoughts

  1. Hi Lindsay! My name is Deborah Connor. I am friends on Twitter with John Fea. Saw you had a new website, so thought would stop by. Very nice! I am a mom who has recently started back to school as an English Literature major. (I was a history major but I switched over) I have a very strong love for British and American history though. I see you have a focus on Thomas Jefferson. I am from Virginia and have always been interested in him. Am in the process of writing a book myself on one of his mentors. Maybe our paths will cross at some point! I do wish you well in your future endeavors. Looks like you are off to a fabulous start! God bless you and take care. Deborah

    1. Deborah- Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to hear of our shared interest in British and American history. I lived in Virginia for many years and would love to return eventually. I am interested in Jefferson – both his time in Washington’s cabinet and leading his own. I’ll be sure to share my work on both subjects once they are published and accessible! Which mentor are you writing about? Sounds like a great topic. – Lindsay

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