How to Create a Winning Panel – New Free Resource!

Over the last couples of weeks, I’ve written about why I think we should get rid of paper panels, how to create a great round table, and how to find panel participants. SHEAR recently posted their Call for Papers, the Omohundro Institute will do so in September, and the OAH and AHA shouldn’t be far behind for the 2021 season. Whatever your field and whatever your preferred conference, I think this formula will help.

dog in glasses, conference panel proposal guide

That’s right, I said formula. I was at a conference in June and someone I was talking to said that they hate putting together panel proposals because it’s too hard. Which shocked me, because I think it’s kind of like completing a puzzle. I have these different pieces and I put them together to create a pretty picture.I’m not sure there’s an official “conference expert” and I’m not sure if I’d be one, but I’ve been to more conferences than I’d care to admit and I’ve had really great success with this method. Click HERE to get your guide now! Or click on the pup above.

If you receive my Spot of Parchment, you should have received this new guide in your email yesterday, so be sure to check your inboxes if you haven’t already.

This year’s SHEAR committee chairs, Lori Glover and Ami Pfulgrad-Jackisch, wrote a blog post that has some good tips as well.

And, of course, my conference guide talks about all things conferences! For early access to resources, stories, tips, and more, sign up for my Spot of Parchment.

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