Bringing Wonder Back into My Historical Practice (Omohundro Conference Part I)

Over the weekend, I attended the Omohundro Institute Annual Conference. It was a fantastic conference and I came away inspired and ready to tackle my work. I also had a few reflections I'd like to share. On Saturday night, the OI threw a 75th anniversary party on Jamestown Island. Of course, Jamestown can be a [...]

Spring 2018

Tomorrow begins a new semester at Southern Methodists University and I'm so excited to be teaching "The President in the Early Republic." The course will examine the development of the executive branch under the first three presidents, as well as the relationship between the president and Congress, the Supreme Court, and the public. I am [...]

On This Day in Cabinet History – December 31, 1793

On this day in cabinet history, December 31, 1793, Thomas Jefferson resigned as the first Secretary of State. Many people are familiar with Jefferson's resignation because of the political ramifications of his decision. Jefferson's "retirement" coincided with his increased efforts to organize the nascent Democratic-Republican Party and fight the Federalist agenda. But Jefferson's departure from [...]