When Is It OK to Just Know? (Omohundro Conference Part II)

I attended a plenary on creative writing at the Omohundro Annual Conference (if you missed part I of my recap, read it here). In theory, the panel was about history writing in other contexts: narrative, historical fiction, poetry. It was so fantastic and everyone simply buzzed about the conversation for the next few days. But [...]

Bringing Wonder Back into My Historical Practice (Omohundro Conference Part I)

Over the weekend, I attended the Omohundro Institute Annual Conference. It was a fantastic conference and I came away inspired and ready to tackle my work. I also had a few reflections I'd like to share. On Saturday night, the OI threw a 75th anniversary party on Jamestown Island. Of course, Jamestown can be a [...]

A Few New Thoughts

I'm entering an incredibly exciting time of my career. I'm starting a postdoctoral fellowship—the purpose of which is to dig deep into my manuscript and produce a polished book for publication. But the possibilities go far beyond my stated assignment. Over the next couple of years, I'm going to meet new people and learn about [...]