Spot of Parchment Archives

Every month I sent out a newsletter, but that’s a stodgy word, so I call them a historically-appropriate Spot of Parchment! I include a history story, writing tips, updates, and links to media you might have missed. Here is the archive of the history stories. Sign up HERE for Spot of Parchment if you’d like to get the tips, updates, and links, as well as the story when it’s first released.

February 2020: Presidents’ Day Book Recommendations

January 2020: The Neutrality Crisis, Washington, and the Cabinet

December 2019: The 1790s, the partisan press, and information literacy today

November 2019: President George Washington’s business practices and precedent

October 2019: My favorite White House ghost stories

September 2019: Hercules the chef, a misidentified portrait, and new historical discoveries

August 2019: Stephen Decatur and the *other* duel you should know about

July 2019: Henry Clay, Charlotte Dupuy, and a freedom suit

June 2019: The Burning of the White House and overlooked White House precedent

May 2019: John Quincy Adams and the first “National Forest”

April 2019: Grace Coolidge, Rebecca the Raccoon, and my favorite portrait