January 2020 Spot of Parchment

On this day (January 15) in 1794, President George Washington sent a message to the United States Senate and House of Representatives and forwarded them correspondence between Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and French minister to the U.S. Edmond Charles Genêt. While Washington’s note was brief and straightforward, the attached correspondence was quite fiery. Nine [...]

December 2019 Spot of Parchment

Happy holidays! I hope this season is a happy one for you, regardless of your celebrations of choice. Last month, I shared that my most frequently-asked question is about George Washington’s business practices. Want to know the second one? It usually goes something like “what were newspapers and the press like in the Early Republic? [...]

November 2019 Spot of Parchment

In early October, I had the opportunity to present on the creation of executive authority for a bunch of lawyers as part of a continuing legal education seminar. One of the things they asked about the most was George Washington’s business practices while he was in office. I wasn’t surprised, this question is actually one [...]